Professor of English Language & e-Learning Mobile App Developer

Ardian Deari

Boasting over 16 years of extensive teaching experience at both elementary and high school levels, Ardian emerges as a distinguished educator and innovative researcher. He is the pioneering force behind ‘English For Life,’ the preeminent language school in North Macedonia. Ardian’s passion for English grammar, coupled with his adeptness in technology, propels his research, especially in the realm of using technology to enhance English grammar instruction, with a special emphasis on Computational Linguistics. Additionally, Ardian has made significant strides as an e-learning mobile app developer, collaborating with numerous international companies. His professional journey includes notable positions as a Professor of English at Municipal High School “Ismet Jashari” and “EnglishForLife LLC” in Kumanovo, North Macedonia, further illustrating his commitment to advancing education through innovative methods and technology.


Ardian Deari: English Professor & eLearning Innovator

Welcome to the official page of Ardian Deari, a distinguished educator, innovative researcher, and eLearning mobile app developer with over 16 years of teaching experience. Ardian is the driving force behind ‘English For Life,’ a leading language school in North Macedonia, and a pioneer in using technology to revolutionize English grammar instruction.

Professional Journey

Educator Extraordinaire

  • Teaching Career: Ardian has enriched the minds of students at both elementary and high school levels, currently serving as an English Professor at Municipal High School “Ismet Jashari” and “EnglishForLife LLC” in Kumanovo, North Macedonia.
  • Innovative Teaching Methods: Known for his innovative approach, Ardian incorporates Artificial Intelligence and AGI into his teaching, leveraging platforms like Moodle to enhance the learning experience.

Technological Innovator

  • eLearning Development: As a mobile app developer, Ardian has collaborated with international companies to create cutting-edge eLearning applications, significantly contributing to the digital education landscape.
  • Notable Projects: His work includes developing educational apps for ‘English For Life’, showcasing his ability to blend language education with technology seamlessly.

Academic Background

  • Expertise in English Linguistics: Ardian holds a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching, with a focus on Second Language Acquisition and Grammar using Technology from South East European University, Tetovo.
  • Lifelong Learner: His commitment to education is further evidenced by his numerous certifications, including Digital Marketing from Google and English Grammar and Style from The University of Queensland.

Vision for the Future

Ardian Deari is dedicated to advancing the field of education through technology. His passion for English grammar and his expertise in mobile app development drive him to explore new ways to enhance learning experiences. Join Ardian on his journey to redefine educational boundaries and inspire a new generation of learners.